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  • Compares and synchronizes the structure of your databases, supporting all database objects, and allowing comparison and synchronization with backups and SQL scripts
  • The comparison takes into account dependencies and referential integrity, so objects are scripted in the correct order
  • The display of schema differences allows you to understand them at a glance, with fine-grained filtering to help with large databases
  • Produces reliable, transaction-based SQL scripts for migrating databases
  • Identifies potential problems and gives any necessary warnings when generating the synchronization script
  • You can compare and synchronize both your schemas and data, moving seamlessly from SQL Compare Pro to SQL Data Compare Pro
  • Synchronizes a row, table or entire database - you can also choose data to synchronize on a row-by-row basis
  • Performs backups before you synchronize, using either SQL Server native backups or Red Gate SQL Backup
  • Creates compare, and synchronize scripts folders, making it easier to keep databases under source control
  • You can compare and synchronize both your schemas and data, moving seamlessly from SQL Compare Pro to SQL Data Compare Pro
  • Capable of synching between string, CLR and XML data types, synchronizing CLR data types as text or binary
  • You can synchronize immediately, save a synchronization script, or automate synchronization with the command line interface
  • Provides mapping features so that you can compare all tables whose data types are compatible
  • You can compare and synchronize large databases
  • SQL Prompt Pro's suggestion list shows object names as you type, and can reduce keystrokes by over 50%
  • Schema panels let you quickly see information about the objects in your database
  • Completes ALTER statements with the existing definition for any view or stored procedure, so you can quickly make performance improvements or track down problems, even if the object is encrypted
  • Code formatting makes it much easier to understand and modify existing code without introducing bugs, and helps teams of developers adopt a common house style
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface makes it easy to start populating your database immediately
  • Intelligently generates appropriate data based on table and column names and data types
  • Over 60 built-in generators with sensible configuration options
  • Inter-column dependency support, for example, to generate records with matching email addresses and domain names
  • Very fast data generation through the use of SQL Server's bulk copy insertion feature
  • Command-line support for automated data generation, for example, as part of your build process
  • Foreign key support for generating consistent data across multiple tables with no manual configuration
  • Seeded random data generation allows you to generate the same set of data every time
  • Select data from existing tables to easily create a database containing a sample of your data
  • Import data from flat files in CSV format
  • User-defined generators in any .NET language give complete control over the generated data
  • Uses a single wizard for defining the objects and data, and creating the package, so you can easily select the schema, objects, and data you want to package
  • You can view a plain English summary of what is being packaged
  • Offers C# code templates that can be modified to suit the desired look and feel of your deployment environment
  • When working remotely or across multiple sites, packaging a single executable can streamline your deployment process both for whole databases and for database updates
  • Has a simple, highly intuitive interface with a rich set of options for customizing your package
  • Smart rename renames functions, views, stored procedures and tables, and updates all the references to these renamed objects
  • Split table splits a table into two tables, and automatically rewrites the referencing stored procedures, views, and so on
  • Uppercase keywords turns keywords in your script or selection to uppercase
  • Summarize script provides you with an overview of your script
  • Qualify object names modifies the script so that all object names are qualified. You can select this feature from the top-level SQL Refactor menu
  • View whole databases or selected objects
  • Reveal column names on all graphed tables
  • View SQL Script for any object present
  • Dynamic, customizable, zoomable interface
  • Draggable overview for fast navigation
  • Bi-directional, color-defined dependencies
  • Five different graphical layout schemes
  • Print dependency trees or export as .pdf or an XML report
  • View dependencies by database, owner, and object type
  • Run scripts to collect easy-to-view aggregated results in grid or text layout
  • Export results as a .csv or .txt file
  • Customize, configure and save lists of databases on multiple SQL Servers that you can run scripts against for repeat use in the future
  • Set the execution order of multiple scripts
  • Feedback for every database against which a script is executed
  • Create new scripts in an easy-to-use script editor with colored syntax highlighting, Find and Replace, and split-screen editing
  • Cancellation of queries with a failure behavior menu for you to select what will happen should an error occur on deployment of your script
  • Browse different tabs created for individual sets of results
  • Messages from SQL Server displayed for all databases
  • Configure the number of databases against which to run scripts in parallel
  • Execute just the selected text in a script
  • Embedded help in the User Interface for on-the-spot assistance
  • Allows you to integrate your SQL Server database into your development, build, and deployment processes
  • You can integrate change management into your build process and development environments
  • Enables scheduling of snapshots, comparison, and synchronization tasks
  • You can update or deploy databases remotely, and use the Packager functions to create updates as simple .NET executables
  • Integrates with version control processes and programs
  • You can carry out and verify replication over multiple databases
  • Allows you to compare and synchronize multiple databases
  • You can include SQL comparison and synchronization functionality into your programs

SQL Compare Pro is the industry-standard tool for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database structures and is used by over 200,000 DBAs, developers and testers. It has reached this position by being a very high quality, efficient and intuitive piece of software. SQL Compare Pro enables users to compare and synchronize to and from database backups, SQL script files, as well as live databases and snapshots. SQL Compare Pro will compare and synchronize all database objects including, but not limited to, tables, stored procedures, views, user-defined functions, XML schema collections, CLR assemblies, and stop lists.
SQL Data Compare Pro is the industry-standard tool for comparing and synchronizing the contents of two databases. Used by over 200,000 DBAs, developers and testers, it is recognized as a very high quality, simple and intuitive, piece of software. It supports all data types and objects in SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server 2000. Use SQL Data Compare Pro to ensure the contents of your databases are in synch, or to verify that data migration or replication has been successful. SQL Data Compare Pro automates comparison and synchronization, avoiding the need to manually compare data or generate synchronization scripts.
SQL Prompt Pro is a plug-in for SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio, and Query Analyzer that helps you write and work with SQL more quickly. SQL Prompt Pro provides world-leading code completion, along with rapid access to complete information on your database schema, decryption of encrypted objects, and automatic formatting of SQL code. SQL Prompt Pro also comes with a customizable library of snippets to quickly insert common bits of SQL right from the suggestion list.
Creating realistic example or test data can be a tedious process, but it is essential for both functional and load testing, and for giving product demonstrations. SQL Data Generator speeds up the process by quickly generating any number of rows, based on templates you specify. To save even more time, for many databases SQL Data Generator will do most of the configuration work for you, based on your database schema.
SQL Packager enables you to package the structure and contents of a Microsoft SQL Server database or database upgrade into a .NET executable file or a C# project, so that installing a database is much simpler. You can use SQL Packager to package the database structure, data, or both, for installation or deployment. SQL Packager also enables you to compress your package for reduced storage overheads, and faster deployment and distribution of databases. It is perfect for packaging up pre-existing SQL scripts, whether generated by SQL Packager or externally. This feature makes it very simple to save out a new creation script, modify it or add comments for your client, and then simply repackage the modified SQL script.
SQL Refactor allows you to optimize the structure of your database and the appearance of your T-SQL code. With SQL Refactor you are able to take advantage of more than a dozen refactoring including Lay Out SQL, Smart Object Rename, and Split Table, without affecting the external behavior or meaning of the code.
SQL Dependency Tracker is a unique graphical tool for detailed tracking and analysis of, the dependencies that link SQL Server database objects. It graphs both cross database and cross-server dependencies, and provides options to see an overview of an entire database or build up a dependency tree from a single selected object. There is no surer way of carrying out a full pre-impact analysis before making changes.
SQL Doc is a standalone application for creating database documentation. It provides a description editor for quickly editing the descriptions of tables, columns, and other database objects, and can export database schema information and descriptions to HTML, Microsoft Help, and Microsoft Word formats. SQL Doc can be used through a straightforward graphical interface or automated using the command line.
With native SQL Server, executing multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers can be a repetitive and time-consuming process. It's often necessary to have several windows open at once to execute more than one script multiple times against different databases. SQL Multi Script speeds up this administration by enabling you to execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers with a single button click.

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    CategoryBusiness applications - databases / database tools
    Product TypeLicence
    Bundled Support3 Years Support and upgrades
    UNSPSC Information43232304 - Data base management system software
    Licence Type10 users
    Service & Support
    TypeNew releases update - 3 years ¦ Phone consulting - 3 years - response time: 24 business hours ¦ Web support - 3 years - response time: 24 business hours

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